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    Partnerships for Growth

    Marrin Investment Partners is a private markets investment firm. Our background in accounting, financial management, & private equity investing enhances our ability to analyze investment opportunities, assess risks, and optimize financial outcomes.

    At Marrin, we bring a fresh perspective to the table, challenging traditional norms and driving meaningful change. We believe in the power of collaboration, where best-in-class ideas are combined with rolling up our sleeves to create innovative outcomes. Marrin isn't just about talk, our operational backgrounds allow us to dive into businesses to propel real-world transformation and provide resources and support in the most tangible of ways.

    Excellent partnership is more than a philosophy; it's a promise. We strive to be partners in success, offering hands-on support, strategic guidance, and access to our extensive network. We go beyond the transactional nature of traditional private equity, fostering long-term relationships and driving lasting growth for our portfolio companies. We call it Private Equity As a Service.

  • What We Do

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    Investment & Support

    • Marrin Investment Partners invests in privately held companies, to generate substantial returns on investment while improving the company in a multitude of ways including professionalization & human capital investment.
    • The firm actively manages and oversees investments, working closely with portfolio companies to drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and create value.
    • Target criteria are companies up to $10m of EBITDA
  • Current Portfolio

    Business Strategy Group

    Minority Investment

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